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With weight losers you aren’t actually losing but your winning as our tricks and tips have been proven successful.
This website provides you with all the tips and tricks into losing weight, we also offer advice in what you could do specifically to lose weight because sometimes it can be a matter of changing one small factor to receive the best possible results.
There are so many different diets and plans available however, the quality will vary. If a diet isn't working for you don't be dishearten as it probably means it’s just not the correct one for you on this website we'll be providing you with tips, tricks and also alternatives in losing weight


Information and advice

Set your goals

There are many apps on android and iphone which allow you to monitor your weight loss, exercise, blood pressure, sleep and your calorie intake. By setting certain goals it allows you to become more focused on the end goal.

Track yourself

Also, these apps allow you to track what you do and eat. As they have a inbuilt food database telling you exactly how much calories are in certain foods.

Challenge yourself

Set yourself difficult targets and push yourself as hard as you can in order to reach those targets. When exercising why not exercise with someone as it's been proven that people work harder together when trying to lose weight as they are motivating one another to reach the same goals.

Top weight loss tips Drink water before meals

It is believed that by drinking plenty of water you can lose weight which is definitely true.
IT can boost your metabolism by a whopping 20-30%, which means that you’ll burn off some more calories.

Drink green tea

As well as coffee, green tea has many health benefits, including weight loss.
Green tea contains loads of strong antioxidants, which help to enhance fat burning.

Cooking with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a fantastic alternative to sunflower oil and other oils as it's extremely healthy. Its high is so called special fats which help to boost metabolism by 150 calorie in one day.

Cut down on the amount of added sugar you intake

Added sugar are one of the main factors of obesity as in today's world people are having far too much of it.
As well as this it can lead to diseases like diabetes and risk of heart disease.
Even things that you think are healthy like fruit juices they are actually loaded with added sugar.

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